Saturday, January 31, 2015

East Valley Corridor

DISTANCE: 2.1 miles
TIME: 35 to 45 running minutes round trip 
HOW TO GET THERE: The trail head begins or end deepening on your perspective at the termination of the northern end of California street in Redlands. Parking on the street is largely prohibited so be mindful of signage. 
TRAIL CONDITION: Excellent. This trail is offers concurrent paved and unpaved surfaces. The soil path is loose packed and it delivers a satisfying crunch under foot. It's as wide as single lane roadway, so feel free to bring a few friends to run with you. The concrete path is smooth, unbroken and wide enough to courage couples to ride side-by-side.  
NOTABLE TRAIL FEATURES: Offers excellent views of the San Bernardino Airport and Santa Ana river basin.
Trail location
The western most trail marker at the end of California Street in Redlands, Calif.

Wide trail lined with trees

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Orange Blossom Rail Trail

DISTANCE: 1.25 miles 
TIME: A round trip takes approximately 30 minutes. 
HOW TO GET THERE:  The trail name is searchable via Google maps. The trailhead location is located at this link: Orange Blossom Trailhead. Redlands locals will notice that its located directly behind Benjarong, Thai Cuisine.

TRAIL CONDITION: The trail condition is highly varied in appearance and quality. The beginning of the trail is asphalt framed by fencing to create peaceful corridor that follows the  flood control channel for approximately .25 miles. 
As soon as you cross Tennessee Street the trail condition changes to lightly packed soil. This inconsistency in trail condition continues for the remainder of the trail. Trail markings and signage is missing and varied. Most of the signage gives the impression that you are trespassing on flood control property. The lack of consistent fencing bordering the neighboring commercial properties along the path creates confusion and reduces the security of the path. The trail lighting is poor and I can only recommend daytime use.
While the trail crosses several busy streets in Redlands, there are no pedestrian crosswalks. I would encourage you to wear clothing that would improve your visibility if you walk/run during lowlight conditions.

I noticed several vagabonds sleeping along the path.

NOTABLE TRAIL FEATURES:  Most of the path is lined by orange trees and accompanied by the flood control channel. Their are several notable business in close proximity to the path which could make for good day trip.


The trail starts behind Benjarong, Thai Cuisine.
1001 W Park Ave. Redlands, CA 92373


Before you cross Alabama Street you may be drawn to stop and enjoy the sight and sounds of the neighboring Fox Dance Studio.
330 Alabama St.
Redlands, CA 92373 

Domesticated birds in the open air atrium at the Bracken Bird Farm 
10797 New Jersey St
Redlands, CA 92373

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Oakmont Trail (Short loop)

DISTANCE: 1.54 miles
TIME: 25 minutes
Oakmont Park is located in Redlands, Calif. It easy to locate via Google maps.
Well used hard-packed dirt trail.
Several different paths or loops can be traveled  from the Oakmont Park ranging in distance from 1.5 miles to 3.2 miles. All paths deliver great views of Live Oak Canyon. Dogs are allowed on the trail as long as the remain on a leash.

I really enjoyed this short loop through the Oakmont trail system. I ran the loop a couple times and really enjoyed the flat start in the park under the oaks. 

The natural surface trail climbs quickly up the adjacent hillside with a couple of switch backs.

From his point you quickly reach a trail junction near the top the hill. I stayed right and continued Northwest to complete the shortest loop in the Oakmont trail system. At you near the highest point on this hillside you can look to the West and see the parking lot where it all began.   

After a short distance the trail will be interrupted by a paved road: Silverleaf Court. 
After taking a right on Silverleaf Court you will arrive at Ashforth Drive. A right on Ashforth Drive followed by another right on Sutherland Drive will lead you back to the Oakmont parking lot.